PF0006 -2450 acres Farm land by Kendall River  (Uncle Sam) Stann Creek District

$8,575,000 /USD
SKU: PF0006
Property type: Farm Land


  • Mountain views


This expansive 2450-acre farm land, located on the Southern Highway in close proximity to the Kendall River, presents an exceptional opportunity for agricultural enthusiasts and farmers. With its excellent quality soil and abundant resources, this farm land is a prime location for various agricultural activities.

The rich soil found on this property is ideal for cultivating a wide range of crops, making it a haven for farmers looking to maximize their yields. Whether you’re interested in growing fruits, vegetables, grains, or even raising livestock, this farm land provides the perfect foundation for a successful agricultural venture.

One of the key advantages of this property is its accessibility to essential utilities. Electricity and water availability ensure that your farming operations can run smoothly and efficiently. This convenience eliminates the need for additional infrastructure investments, saving you time and resources.

The location of this farm land offers a strategic advantage. Situated in close proximity to the Kendall River, you have easy access to a reliable water source for irrigation purposes. This ensures that your crops receive the necessary hydration for optimal growth and productivity.

With its vast size, this 2450-acre farm land provides ample space for expansion and diversification of your farming activities. Whether you’re looking to establish a large-scale commercial farm or prefer a more diversified approach, this property offers the flexibility to accommodate your vision.

Investing in this farm land not only provides an opportunity for agricultural success but also offers the potential for long-term growth and profitability. The Southern Highway location ensures convenient transportation and access to markets, allowing you to efficiently distribute your produce and maximize your profits.

Don’t miss out on the chance to own this exceptional 2450-acre farm land with rich soil, agriculture, electricity, and water availability. Contact us now at  or call us at +501 610-1223 to learn more about this incredible opportunity and start realizing your farming aspirations.

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