PF0011 – 13,000 acres of exceptional ecological value Orange Walk District

$26,000,000 /USD
SKU: PF0011
Property type: Lots


  • Jungle


It’s unique, exceptional in size, one of a kind in Belize,  completely unspoiled and untouched,  a jewel, no words can describe this endless green, mostly flat with some small hills.  A piece of history,  for sure a lot of undiscovered archaeological heritage. The best way to learn about its value is to look and research the neighbouring  Rio Bravo Private Reserve.

This green unspoiled paradise is nestled deep in the sub-tropical forest of north-western Belize, creating the Corridor between Belize, Mexico, and Guatemala.

The neighbouring reserve is renowned for being the largest private reserve and second largest single protected area in the country, the Rio Bravo ConservationIts an extension of this existing reserve and with a mission to conserve the biodiversity and promote the sustainable development of Belize through proper management of the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area, Programme for Belize is tasked with protecting the 240 species of trees, 70 species of animals, 400 species of birds, and 12 endangered animal species including the jaguar, the black howler monkey, and Belize’s national animal, the tapir.

This estate is 13,333 Acres, mostly Forest Land, Broadleaf and has Creeks running through the property.  Its about 45 Miles from Orange Walk Town and just miles from the Mexican and Guatemalan border.

Neighbouring estates:

Bounded on the south by Rio Bravo Private Reserve

Bounded on the West by Aguas Turbias National Park

Bounded on the North by Blue Creek Agriculture

Bounded on the East by reserved Private Land.

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