PI0017 – Untouched 4.389 – Acre Private Island near Placencia Village, Belize Private Islands

$1,800,000 /USD
SKU: PI0017
Property type: Islands


  • Beachfront
  • Ocean View


Situated just six miles to the east of the lively Placencia Village in Belize is a concealed treasure—an alluring 4.389-acre undeveloped private island. Enveloped by the pristine, crystal-clear turquoise waters, this tropical haven beckons those seeking a retreat from the hectic pace of life, inviting them to embrace the serenity of island living. Whether your vision involves crafting a lavish getaway, engaging in eco-conscious development, or simply relishing your personal slice of paradise, this unspoiled island serves as a blank canvas for your creative aspirations.

Limitless Opportunities: With its expansive 4.389-acre expanse, the island provides abundant space for diverse development prospects. Collaborating with local architects and builders, you can conceive a space that seamlessly integrates with the natural environment, offering a sanctuary for both relaxation and adventure. Immerse yourself in the surrounding waters, snorkel or dive to uncover vibrant coral reefs, or simply unwind far from the daily pressures of life.

Belize has emerged as a highly sought-after destination for both vacationers and investors, drawn in by its breathtaking natural allure, warm climate, and diverse biodiversity. As the proprietor of a private island near Placencia Village, you stand to benefit from the burgeoning tourism industry while relishing ownership privileges. The demand for exclusive, secluded getaways is on the rise, rendering this private island an enticing investment opportunity. For further details, contact the Belize Property Experts at info@primebelize.com.

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