Jaime Wesby

Broker / Owner
+501 614-4806
+501 614-4806

Jaime Wesby hails from the beautiful Culture Capital Dangriga Town. She is known for being an outgoing and hardworking individual with excellent PR skills. Jaime is Highly self-motivated and has been actively involved in the workforce since the age of 16. In 2018, she successfully graduated from college and embarked on a career in Real Estate in June of the same year. Throughout her professional journey, Jaime has consistently excelled in sales showcasing her natural talent for connecting with clients and closing deals. Jaime has successfully closed over 8M USD in sales transaction and continues to successfully close on sales. Her dedication, Passion and expertise in sales have always been her specialty making her a valuable asset In the Real Estate Industry.


Jaime Wesby is an esteemed partner of Prime Belize Real Estate. With a wealth of experience and expertise in the industry, Jaime has established herself as a visionary leader and a trusted name in the field of Real Estate. Born with a passion for properties and a keen eye for investment opportunities, Jaime embarked on her Entrepreneurial Partnership journey to establish her own real estate company.


Throughout her career, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, strategic thinking, and a deep understanding of market trends. Her ability to identify lucrative opportunities and make informed decisions has contributed throughout and success of her company. Under her guidance, the company has flourished, expanding its portfolio and establishing a strong presence in the market.


Jaimes’ commitment to excellence and costumer satisfaction is evident in every aspect of her business. She places great emphasis on building long-term relationships with clients, ensuring their needs are met and their expectations exceeded. With a focus on providing exceptional services. Collectively Prime Belize has cultivated a team of dedicated professionals/Partners who share there passion for real estate and commitment to delivering outstanding results.


Beyond her professional achievements, Jaime is known for her integrity, professionalism, and ethical business practices. She actively engages in community initiatives and philanthropic endeavors, giving back to the community that has supported her success. As Part Owner of  Prime Belize Real Estate, Jaime Wesby continues to lead with innovation, integrity and a relentless drive for excellence, solidifying her position as a respected figure in the Industry.


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